Murf AI Series A Funding bags $10 Million

The company says it has synthesised over a million voice-over projects and is now attracting the attention of enterprise customers. In addition, it has a solid team and a unique IP, which it plans to leverage to establish its leadership position in the text-to-speech market. As a result, Murf is poised to expand into new markets and add new features and enhancements.

The startup’s platform lets content creators create a human-sounding voiceover with the click of a button. It also includes a suite of tools, which allow users to upload images, movies, background music, and more to synchronize their voice with the visuals. Its AI tool is capable of imitating a variety of different voice styles, including casual, authoritative, sad, and angry. Users can also clone the voice to create different versions of their content.

Murf AI aims to make AI speech services accessible to everyone. Its services have a library of over 120 human-parity AI voices in 20 languages. It recently raised $10 million in Series A funding led by Matrix Partners. The startup also received funding from Elevation Capital and Drip Capital.

Murf AI’s AI tool simplifies the process of creating voice overs. With its SaaS tool, users can create lifelike voices in a matter of minutes. The company offers 120 different AI voices in over 20 languages, and has a global footprint. About 80 percent of its customers come from the US, Canada, and EU.

Another startup in France is Zoi, which aims to integrate routine medical checkups with preventive care. The company is co-founded by Ismael Emelien, who previously worked as a special adviser to President Macron. Co-founder Paul Dupuy has also previously worked on the project Wor…, the startup aims to build an integrated system for property documentation retrieval.

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